Former judge Mesut Orta was sentenced to 7 years 6 months in prison on 2 July 2019 over the pretext of terrorism charges.

He was also prosecuted for getting financial support from EAJ after his dismissal

Judge Mesut Orta, for whom an arrest warrantwas issued following the 15 July coup attempt, did not turn himself in for a while and hid at another place. Later, it turned out thathe received some amount of financial support from the European Association of Judges (EAJ) for his family’s needs when he was hiding.  The e-mails as to their communicationwere found in his computer when he was arrested later on in Diyarbakir Province of Turkey.

Accordingly, it was found out that 1300 euro was transferred to the account of Mr. Orta’s wife through two separate transactions by Stuttgart prosecutor P.S., who is a member of EAJ as well. The media outlets under Erdogan’s control alleged that the German prosecutor, via the money, helped Mr. Orta escape from justice. Judge Orta, who has been under pre-trial detention over terrorism charges, was also prosecuted for the monetary support he took from EAJ. According to the press, beside judge Orta, the EAJ and Stutgart prosecutor P.S., leading to the transfer, were also included in this investigation.Yet, what has been decided over the investigation against those who received support and the european colleagues who provided help and showed their solidarity is not known.

During his arrest, police officers put a gun in his mouth and beat him!

It was alleged that Diyarbakir Police tortured judge Mesut Orta and his friend dismissed prosecutor Hasan Yalçın when they were caught and arrested in a house in Diyarbakir where they had been hiding since July 2016.

It was claimed that police officers, during the raid, hit Hasan Yalçın’s head with their boots. Yalçın was injured on his face and it was reportedduring the health control at the hospital. Besides, another officer put his gun in Mesut Orta’s mouth after laying him downwith kicks.

Who is judge Mesut Orta?

Beginning his judicial profession as a criminal judge, Mesut Orta was then appointed to the Data Processing Department of the Justice Ministry as a rapporteur judge due to getting computer programming degree beside his law career. Then in 2011, he was appointed as the head of the department.He was the leading person of the installing and developing the software of UYAP (Turkish e-justice system). The system called UYAP was many times awarded by several international institutions including the United Nations. Getting his PHD degree in information technologies and having books published in this field, judge Orta had given lectures at different universities and the Turkish Justice Academy.

Judge Orta and his friend prosecutor Yalcin officially complained about the police officers for insulting, torture, and ill-treatment; However, the Prosecutor’s Office of Diyarbakir dismissed their complaints and gave non-prosecutiondecision about the acccused officers. The prosecutor’s office had sought 22,5 years sentence in prison for judge Orta for managing an armed terror organisation duringhis service at the Justice Ministry. He was acquitted from establishing and managing terror organization, but found guilty for membership of the organization.


Investigation launched into Stuttgart prosecutor and financial support given by EAJ to wife of jailed judge Mesut Orta

When the judge Mesut O. was detained, police officers put a gun in his mouth and beat him!