It was alleged that Diyarbakir Police tortured dismissed prosecutor Hasan Yalçın and dismissed judge Mesut Orta who were detained in a house in Diyarbakir where they had been hiding since July 2016.

According to allegation, during the police raid, the cops hit Hasan Yalçın’s head with their feets. Yalçın got injured on his face and it was recorded at the health check. Besides, police officers put the gun in Mesut Orta’s mouth after getting down him by kicking and beating.

After they were handcuffed back and kept 4 days in police custody, taken to Gaziantep prosecution office, both Hasan Yalçın and Mesut Orta complained that they were beaten by the police during detention.

However, the prosecutor’s office dismissed the torture complaints file without even receiving the expression of Hasan Yalçın and Mesut Orta.

On the other hand, Hasan Yalçın and Mesut Orta were arrested over the pretext of terrorism charges and put in Gaziantep T Type Prison.

After being arrested, Hasan Yalçın’s mother passed away, administration of Gaziantep T Type Prison did not allow him to attend funeral ceremony held in Safranbolu.

Judge Mesut Orta was widely known to be among the founders of the UYAP (e-justice) system that President Erdogan recently wanted to demolish because he was worried about leakage of 17/25 Dec 2013 corruption documents/evidences which are kept in UYAP system.