6 April 2018

Judge of 7th Penal Court of First Instance Abuzer Kara, mentioned as ‘Alevi judge’ in a tape record allegedly pertained to the Prime Minister of that time Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, died of a heart attack.

Kara had been appointed to the province of Ordu by HSK decree, issued on October of last year.

56 year-old judge Abuzer Kara, in charge at 4th Penal Court of First Instance of Ordu province, married and father of two, went to hospital yesterday because of falling ill. Learned he was ill and having medication for some time, Abuzer Kara lost his life due to a heart attack at night hours yesterday.

‘May God reward everbody’

In a conversation record made after the acquittal rule given by the court in a trial filed against Aydın Doğan for the opposition to the law of Capital Market Board, a person allegedly Erdogan said “the case was heard, that’s to say, a man (refer to a trial judge) gave the decision”. In response, a man allegedly Sadullah Ergin said “an information is available in hand as to that the judge of the court is Alevi”.

Kara talked about the issue as the following: “What can I say? May God reward everbody. I can say nothing. Up to now, all the things, namely, regions I serve or issues I work are apparent. Everybody knows me. My verdicts are also clear. So, under today’ s conditions, these issues are not worth-talking. Alevilik, sünnilik.. I do not mind and not want to comment on this matter”.

Erdogan joined to a broadcast of ATV channel before the local elections held in March 30, 2014.

Only a few hours before Erdogan joined to that broadcast, Ergin had admitted the statement of ‘Alevi judge’ allegedly attributed to himself and claimed his words were extracted.

Erdogan, on the other side, also admitted the most part of the tape record but said the part of ‘Alevi judge’ might be montage.