On social media, a twitter account named “Mağdur Mesajları @magdurmesaji” has raised the issue of unlawful treatments against imprisoned judges and prosecutors in Silivri Prison.

According to the report, no hot or tap water has been providing to 6th unit of Silivri Prison, where judges and prosecutors have been kept and 41 inmates have been holding in the ward having 20 persons capacity. The meal provided to 41 persons is barely sufficient for 25 persons only. Due to inadequacy, two persons have to use the same cabinet. Moreover, since there are not adequate beds for each, they sleep on the ground or have to put the bunks together.

Ömer F. Gergerlioğlu, human rights activist and spokesman of right and justice platform, has brought up the issue to the agenda and reacted too strongly on twitter. Mentioning his twit to Justice Ministry, he has called the Ministry to deal with the matter. In his twit, he used the sentences of “there are complaints that no water has been provided to the ward where 41 judges and prosecutors kept. Arbitrary water cut has been issued all the time. Do not test people with lack of water! Is it an old habit coming from Kerbela ?, @adalet_bakanlik ”.

The Justice Ministry has not made any statements so far.