‘Criminal Peace Judge’ Yunus Suer decided continuation of pretrial detention of 345 judges and prosecutors with two-page decision over the pretext of terrorism charges on 10th November 2016. (1)

The decision can be seen via this link by @ts_justice; https://t.co/P8LqsHJukJ

What’s more, Yunus Süer also ruled continuation of detention for prosecutor Seyfettin Yiğit who died 45 days before the decision. (2)

In his bio, judge Yunus Suer shares this quote: “Treason does not end till the date that the heads of traitors are chopped off (to make them example of), and the soil is watered with their bloods.” He was the judge of Ankara 8th Criminal Peace Judgeship. (3)

Turkey’s ‘Criminal Peace Judgeships’, created by Erdogan Government in 2014, which have the authority to decide pre-trial detention, release or continuation; allow searches, seizures, & appointment of trustees; & to examine objections to such decisions. (4)

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