Purge-victim prosecutor İbrahim Gündüz and his wife Nurdan Gündüz, purge-victim clerk, drowned in the Aegean Sea while trying to flee abroad from Erdogan Regime.

İbrahim Gündüz was dismissed and arrested after controversial coup attempt in Turkey, July 2016. He was released after serving 15 months in prison on condition of travel ban and judicial control. He awaited the appeal phase of his conviction (6 years 10 months). He was forced to flee abroad to avoid going back to prison.

Greek media shared the incident as follows:

“Two dead and three rescued are the tragic result of the overturning of an inflatable speedboat carrying five refugees and migrants in the sea area northeast of Kos. 

According to the first information from the Headquarters of the Coast Guard, the incident took place late on Thursday night.

 A rescue operation was carried out by the Coast Guard, during which 3 men were rescued and a man and a woman were pulled out of the sea without their senses. 

Both were taken to a hospital in Kos where they were pronounced dead. The sea area where the incident took place had high waves.”