The number of massively convicted military judges has gone beyond.

Just because their names were on “the Martial Court Assignment List”, the list that by whom and when it was created has been still uncovered, 116 military judges and prosecutors were given several sentences (1).

Ankara 16th Heavy Penal Court, following the trial held at Sincan Prison Campus announced its verdict about 136 military judges. The court gave 116 defendants out of 136 several sentences between 6 years 3 months and 8 years 9 months in prison. The same court had also sentenced 28 military judges and prosecutors on 19 July 2018 and 26 October 2018 (2).With the last collective imprisonment decision, the number of convicted military judges has reached to 170.

The court showed no concrete or admissible evidence other than the so-called “Martial Law Court Assignment List” in its decision. That decision came amidst the critics towards the penal courts in Turkey for using “copy-paste” verdicts in their terror-related cases.

Using the July 15-coup attempt as an instrument to take over both the civil and military judiciary, the Erdogan regime has removed the majority of the military judges and prosecutors. It is claimed that the number of the military judges decreased to 209 from 468 since 15 July 2016 while many others have been still under judicial or administrative investigation. (3)