By Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu

March 28, 2018

I was going to write on a different topic today, but I changed my mind with the latest news of the suicide. I have to write about the State of Emergency (SoE) and Emergency Decrees disaster once again. Because in the last 15 days three purge victims have committed suicide. There is nothing as important as human life, and it is over all kinds of political development except being killed.

The third suicide case in the last 15 days is wife of a purged judge, Adalet Betül Çağdır, an English teacher in depression, committed suicide by jumping from her 9th-floor house in Başaksehir yesterday. After her husband got purged, he was on the run due to the long detention period turned punishment itself.

Mrs. Adalet was telling her neighbors that she missed her husband very much, those beautiful days would not come, and that she was desperate. Mrs. Adalet, a high school teacher in Basaksehir, was in trouble. She whose life was upside down was trying to maintain her life with her son, 14 years old, and her mother.

On Saturday, she took a box of medicine to suicide, her neighbor who did not wait 112 (emergency service) took her to the hospital emergency room. When during the emergency registration, it turned out that she was the wife of a wanted person, a police officer came and said her “your husband is a FETOist [terrorist], you will also be purged.”

Her neighbor had argued with the police and told them “are these things said a person who attempted suicide, I will identify you and report it.” The sad thing was that he had been sent home without psychiatric consultation. The patient in this situation is the person who would try a new suicide attempt at any moment, and it is a crucial mistake not to see the psychiatrist.

However, we do not find strange the negligence because it reminds us a standard of SoE implementation in social life (!) When her neighbors saw a dead body in blood on the floor on Monday, everything was over. Adalet teacher left herself emptiness from the window of the 9th-floor house.

Adalet Teacher who does not tell her suffering to the neighbors very much has reminded all her neighbors an essential truth and horror with her suicide. This suicide, maybe will not be counted even amongst the deaths of SoE victims if there weren’t people who informed me, now must remind an essential truth to the administrators and the society.