1- 2766 more public officials were dismissed.

2- 16 new member to the Council of State and 100 new member to the Court of Cassation will be appointed. 17-year tenure requirement for the task is removed. Being transferred to first category judge + 3 years =13-year seniority will be required. (That is 12 year-seniority for those having master degrees).

(Paving the way for appointing a great number of junior judges to the court of appeals  that should be minimized as a result of the designation of the regional court of appeals is the aim for the government to overtake the absolute majority in high courts).

3- The regulation  that requires to wear prison jumpsuits for the convicts and suspects accused for the crimes against the constitutional order and terror crimes is incompatiple with the presumption of the innocence and aims to hurt them.

4- The civilians who fight against the coup, terror and the following incidents will be exempt from administrative, civil and criminal responsibility.

(The immunity will be granted for the paramilitary groups and the concept of “following incidents” in the decree law amounts that it is possible to consider all the protests against the government for an indefinite period in this context.)