Ahmet Serdar KARAKAYA, taking office as a public prosecutor in 2014, was dismissed from the post of judge in the second year of his job over the charge of attempting coup being not granted himself the right to defense just like his 4500 colleagues and then held under pre-trial detention for 14 months. The former prosecutor, whose all assets and bank accounts were seized, is now doing waitressing in a cafe to bring up his wife and a little daughter.

In his twitter account, he shares his smiling posing for the cameras saying there’s nothing to be ashamed of his position and added: “I was carrying my robe gloriously when I was a prosecutor, and now, I am also carrying my waitressing apron dress as so. I am sure that I will proudly tell these days to my daughter in the future but are those who cause us
failing on evil days sure that they leave a pleasent memory to their children?“.