32 lawyers, who were prosecuted for ten years imprisonment, including members of the Uşak Bar Association and members of the Board of Directors, who were protesting by sounding the horn to take official vehicles to the parking lot, were acquitted. The court issued an acquittal on March 30th for all the defendants as there were no elements of the crime.

Today, the husband of the judge Derman Arslan who returned the acquittal has been detained today.

Uşak Bar President Gürcan Sağcan informed Odatv about the matter and said that judge Derman Aslan’s husband had been detained within the scope of the anti-Gulenists operations. He said he could not reach the details of the file.

Uşak also said that “Usak Chief Prosecutor Mustafa Gümüş is a spiteful man. The operation is said to be based in Erzincan; it is also said to be based in Usak. I do not know if the decision of detention has anything to do with this case.”