Written on the tombstone of former judge Gülsüm Coşar, who was dismissed by emergency decree-law, explains what millions went through due to the persecution of the State of Emergency: “Our heart is like a bird forced to migrate before learning to fly”

All that left was her 5-year-old son who asked, “Why did you put my mother in that box?”

Judge Gülsüm COŞAR was dismissed by the HSYK (Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors) on 31.8.2016 based on the provisions of the state of emergency decree-laws. Judge Gülsüm COŞAR’s husband, who was a prosecutor, was also arrested after his dismissal on the same date. He was sentenced to 9 years and 2 months in prison based on political and subsequently established criteria and is still in prison.

Judge Gülsüm COŞAR was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison for similar reasons. Judge Gülsüm COŞAR had to flee abroad, taking her 5-year-old son with, after her arrest came to the fore. She died of heart-related causes in Germany at the age of 31. She left behind a 5-year-old son and a husband, purge-victim prosecutor, in prison.

Political persecution continues in Turkey, let the world hear it!