Dismissed prosecutor Muhammet Turgay Başkan was sentenced to 9 years in jail by Gaziantep 10th Assize Court for being member of armed terror organisation.

He was accused of using ByLock secure mobile application which was publicly available on Google and Apple Stores in the past and keeping some Gulen books in his car.

He denied accusation, asked his acquittal and his release by emphasizing he has been under arrest for a long time.

After convicting, court ruled to continuation of his arrest. (1)

Muhammed Turgay Başkan had been acting as a judge for 10 years before he was degraded as a prosecutor by pro-Erdogan Judicial Council on 7th June 2016. (2)

When he was presiding judge at Kırşehir 2nd Criminal Court, he acquitted defendants who joined demonstration march in Kırşehir to support famous Gezi protests held in Istanbul against Erdogan Government in 2013. He ruled that demonstrations were peaceful and it is fundamental rights of citizens by referring ECtHR’s Barankeviche v. Russia judgment. (3)

He was blacklisted as opponent after his aforesaid decision and lost his judge post. After coup attemp, he was arrested over the terrorism charges based on lists prepared years ago.


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