Here is the letter of a prosecutor Yiğit Kaçar which was sent from the prison he has been held regarding the tragedy he has experienced after July 15:

“Today is August 12, 2017. So the 1st anniversary of my imprisonment. Innocently, in a tiny room, between four walls, I spent a whole year, a whole year cost me such as a life time, apart from my loved ones. During my stay here, I always thought what I did the same day last year. Last year we were at the festival, we celebrated the birthday of my children in here, we welcomed the newyear eve at Ayder Plateau, we were at Kaçkarlar at that time, this time we were together with our friends … From now on, every day when I remember last year, I will know “I was among these four walls”. Tomorrow and every day afterwards … Because I have had to spend every special and beautiful day that people can live in a year with their loved ones, I had to spend separately from them. For example, I was not there neither my wife’s nor my three daughters birthdays. I did not see the first steps of my youngest daughter. I could not be with them on two festivals and now the third is coming. Though, for us, the feast day will be the day I will be liberated by this unjustness come to an end. But it is not clear when that day/holiday will come.

This is the only thing that has changed in a year; now I am not among the four walls in Çanakkale, but between the four walls of Şanlıurfa. One day they would not have found the height of the walls in Çanakkale enough and they would suddenly barge into my ward and say, “Pack your belongings Yigit, You are going.” Am I going to another ward or another prison, no one responded. Then why do I go, on which reason I am being taken no one explained. Naturally I got worried. After all, there is no official decision shown to me, neither my family nor I was informed, no official notification was served. It’s not clear they are going to either abduct me or kill me. That’s why I resisted. I told them that they had not my consent. This time I was exposed to violence. They dragged me on ground, my arms were twisted. It is not possible to resist all those people. I desperately gathered my belongings and after a long time realized that I was taken to Şanlıurfa. In the beginning, I was already torn from my beloveds and put between four walls. I had to be content myself to see my wife and my children, forty-five minutes a week. Now I am completely separated from my family. I still do not know the reason for this transfer. But ultimately it is an exile for me.

At first I naively believed, that a mistake was made and when the dust settles it is going to be understood that I was innocent and that this mistake would be corrected But now I see it and I see there was no wrongdoing. Everything was part of a deliberate plan. Oh! are you the one who does not unconditionally and unquestioningly obedient to us, are you the one who does say I will stay independent and impartial, are you the one who does act as if orders to our demands. Then go to the prison, stay there for a few years; both come to your senses and be a lesson as well as those who are reluctant to enter under our oppression … This is exactly what is meant to be said.

Now I think there is intention. Because after a year, I finally understand this clearly from my indictment. It would be more accurate to say it is an announcement that really outlines my innocence and screams my guiltlessness than an indictment that should be nothing but allegation(s) that accuses me. Because the indictments that I know of includes the crimes claimed to be committed individually. However, mine writes that I did not use ByLock, I did not participate in the conversations, I did not give financial aid such as benevolence or scholarship, I did not deposit money to a certain bank, I did not read their books receive training in their educational institutions, I did not send my children to their schooIs, I did not watch their sermons.

So you’re wondering why I’m not being released and returning to my job. Let me explain: because there is no point in what I do or do not do for them The important thing is whether I do or I do not obey them. Because I know a lot of judges who are still in profession though they do all these things which was written in my indictment. Those who have regrets for what they did in the past are now crying, such “we did, please you do not as we, we’ll do what you are going to say to us”. And unfortunately these colleagues are almost captive. Those who has no regrets in their past actions  like me, are subjected to this treatment because they say “I will do what law orders, not what you want.” It is sad but true it is what it is.

The prosecutor who has to bring evidence, obligated to open a case against me, he nearly would accuse me of “having eyebrows above my eyes”. He could not say I did not use ByLock because he could not, but instead he claimed that I have contacted ByLock users. Of course, he never mentioned about who these people are, how many times I contacted them. By July 15, I was not even aware of the existence of the program bylock. Who knows if there is such a program in the person he is calling for? If we examine the phone of the prosecutor who wrote it as a crime, how many of these communications did we find? I’m sure there will be many.

Then the prosecutor took a witness statement. Included to the indictment. The denouncement mail sent by a woman who I have not heard of in my life is exactly like this: “Yiğit Kaçar, the prosecutor of Artvin Hopa, was arrested within the scope of the FETO/PDY investigations after 15 July”. Not know whether to laugh or cry? What is this now? Confidential information about me? Is it a crime I’m working on? Did anyone not hear that I was arrested? Someone that a crass wrote this ridiculous thing in order to be informant if it be so, well then could the prosecutor not find anything else, but he took this ridiculous statement and put it in my indictment ?

Here is the pathetic situation that judiciary in right now my friends. What could I say; what a shame. The judiciary no longer finds crime and writes in indictment but returns to an institution that has invented crime and put it in an indictment. At least, do not try to deceive a lawyer and prosecutor who worked for years with this indictment. I’ve personally written thousands of them myself. But neither I did not write nor I saw like this sloppy one. It is hard to believe that we have the same legal education in the same state as the prosecutor who wrote this. Of course, if you try to write something with orders and instructions instead of writing something based on law and statutes, it is inevitable that such a ridicule will emerge on the grounds of coercion.

I have been held in prison for a year because of the nonsense you read in my indictment. And I am not going to be released easily. It is for a reason to be held prisoners this long. We are not being released to create and strenghten perception of guilty in the eyes of public. When they held prisoners for a long time, they think the public will think, “It was indeed they were criminals, or they would be released until now.” That’s why they do not.

That is why they are writing an indictment even if it is far-fetched. That is why they will make trials, even if they are perfunctory. I do not expect they will say to anybody who has been held innocently for more than a year, after that phase, “sorry, we did it wrong”. The wolf set his mind on eating the lamb once. So save your breath. But I do know: I don’t care neither this pro forma trial they will make nor “assured verdict”, that they will give. As long as I do not be condemned in your heart. My friends, never lose their beliefs of that I’m innocent or elseI would not be a terrorist to be declared as a terrorist by somebody’s fake proofs …”