Member of Court of Cassation Mustafa Erdogan, arrested on coup related charges despite having a severe brain surgery and to be obliged to be held in hospital, was not set free till he had lost his consciousness despite many release requests and full-fledged hospital reports, what’s more, held under solitary confinement. After his death became apparent, he was released and he died 4 days after his release. (1)

Here is Buket Erdoğan’s letter, daughter of Mustafa Erdoğan, before he died:

First of all hi,

I am Buket Buket Erdoğan. I am a second year student at Ankara University Faculty of Law. I am studying law in the same school that my father, Mustafa Erdoğan a former Court of Cassation member, studied and graduated once, for being a legal expert like my father. I want to tell you what we have been living since 15th July.

Like everyone else on 15th July, we learned the coup attempt from television. When we were following the news that night, we would not dream of being thrown away from our home, and my father struggling for his life a few months later in a hospital room. On July 16th, we were alone with my brother at the time of our house being searched by the cops and not being able to find anything naturally. I always comforted him that we have nothing to hide. My father never hesitated to express the injustices. In the statement taken in the hospital after, he also emphasized the HCJP’s impartiality. The next day there was a court warrant about my father, but despite the fact that the emergcy state was not announced yet, they did not hesitate to take the members of the Court of Cassation violently and handcuffed them. My father did not surrender for his own sake, because of his health condition. Because we heard the conditions on which the arrested members of the Court of Cassation were held. After events, they wanted us to evacuate our house immediately because it was a public house. My mother and brothers moved to Antalya. I continued to stay at the Ankara because of my school. Our life went downhill in an unexpected moment. I was seperated from my family.

It was rather insignificant beside the troubles my mother experienced when she and my brothers moved to Antalya. My mother had moved from the house which we were staying, with a “your husband is a terrorist” label and got kicked out to somewhere else if i may say so. My brothers had to leave their schools of which they were fondly attending, and all our assets were frozen. Our address were always explicit. While our relatives houses were searched for, neither my mother’s house in Antalya nor my house in Ankara which i stayed with my friends were searched for.

My father was trying to guarantee our life, to support us and to pay attention to his health. There has been a great deal of uncertainty in our lives with the decision of seizure of our assets. We could not use our bank accounts and we could not use our investments that my father had accumulated for years. In this process, I tried to stand on my feet in Ankara and to give support and to give morale to them. Neither I norm y father have nothing to do with FETO. My father did not surrender because it was irregularities [in due process], not because he was guilty. My father did not hesitate to express the truth everywhere and at anytime. My father always gave importance to his work. Though he had headaches, he did not use permission from the work. And I learned from my dad, that the law did not exist for someone’s comfort. We (i and my brothers) even have grown up without using the court’s pencils so that not to be unjust. It was quite injurious to see what was unfair and how the law was disregarded, and taken under control. My father’s headaches increased considerably when my mother set their life in order, in Antalya. It was said that my father’s had a tumour in his brain and was in stage 3 and that he had to be operated as soon as possible. My father never talked about his condition, so that we should not worry about his health. And in this process the tumor spread vastly with stress. We were worried that if the surrender was done before the operation, treatment would fail in prison conditions. My father had his brain surgery in a private hospital. The longest waiting in my life. I never felt that fear of losing my father so close. When my father hospitalized, police arrived. My father was in intensive care. I was just thinking about his health, but in front of the intensive care gates, the cops were discussing how to arrest him. His left side paralyzed after surgery. I could age 5 years in 5 days when my father was in intensive care. If they would take him (arrest him) in this situation, we feared about him not recover, but we have no choice but to wait for what will happen to him. On 30 December 2016 my father was transferred to the detention room in the hematology department on the 8th floor of the faculty of medicine of the mediterranean university in the presence of the cops. But the arrest decision was not even reported to the dad. My father found himself in a small room that did not even have a window after surgery. The cops kept watching over and emphasized that a man with paralysis could escape. Even when we received information from the doctors, police did not leave us. In fact this arrest was made not just for my father but for my whole family.

My father was accompanied by my mother at that moment and there was not even a bed to sleep. My father did not even see the sky after the day he entered the ward. Even his children were not allowed to visit. Although I was his daughter, I could not allow permission to stay in the companion. In my father’s room, there are twice as much bars. I always thought that how could doctors overcome these barriers and intervene in an emergency situation. A cancer patient needs a morale in the process of healing, but this kind of treatment will make even a healty person sick. The disease did not upturn because my father’s treatment hindered. As a matter of fact nowadays he has loss of consciousness and hallucinations.

Even if  my dad transferred in that room on December 30th, his statement was not taken until the month of February. After the statement taken on 1 February, it was decided to be pending trial on 2 February because there was a life threatening condition. We breathed a sigh of relief but after a full day without giving the breath we had, the prosecutor objected the decision. My father did see out of the window for the first time after surgery. He was only taken to normal service for 1 day. However, when the objection was accepted, he went back to the prisoner’s ward again. I learned that the prosecutor who made the objection and the judge who accepted it were also married.

It was a very ironic situation, we did not expect that the lawlessness would be so advanced. Since my father was paralyzed, and he laid down constantly, the doctor asked for a air bearing pad in order to prevent his body. This was also expressed in the report, but it was not allowed because it categorised as the technological device category. They wanted a new medical report. This detail is quite insignificant besides the unjust treatment we experienced, but the attitude we saw was this. I did not see my father after the arrest. They have not given permission. A person who even was not convicted had not allowed to see his children. I learned yesterday that the objections of our lawyers to the constitutional court were rejected. There is still a precautionary decision on our property right now. My father is fighting for his life in a cell. Doctors say he will probably live for another 2 years at his best. Despite he is not guilty how is it legally proper to pass his last times in this situation ? How will they give us the time we lost when it turns out that he is innocent ? I just wanted to tell you. Even if they do not understand. Because it is hard to comprehend unless you experience, and it is very difficult to accept. Buket Beyza ERDOĞAN (2)